US education courses

Identification of key positions and develop competency models.
The training is suitable for human resources managers, managers, business owners and everyone involved in the hiring process, management and development of employees in organizations.
At the end of training you:
• will know the process for analyzing the positions of design positions, evaluation of posts and the identification of key positions;
• You will make a difference between evaluation of posts and the identification of key positions;
• you will be familiar with the types of competencies and competency models;
• you will be able to recognize a well-defined and ill-defined competence.
• will have understandings concerning the need and effectiveness of developing a competency model and the identification of key positions in the organization.

At the start of training you will receive working materials that you use both during the seminar, as well as support in the implementation of their work.

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of participation.
At the end of the workshop will receive a form with data for subsequent communication with expert TreinSoft, which will help with ideas or solutions ready application of competency models in your organization.
Each participant will receive a special discount for the next organized by TreinSoft building on workshop on the topic, as well as preferential conditions for further consultation in the development of models.

Seminar program

Management and development of key staff through an effective competency models.
How to develop for these positions and when to apply the competency model for our organization.

1. Why manage the positions in the company? How to determine critical positions? What is the economic benefit of identifying key positions?

2. How to apply and distinguish process analysis and design of jobs?

3. Why is it important to work with the competence of our employees, not only with the knowledge and skills? How the precise competencies for the position of a practical dimension of sposonostite employees?

4. Why do the job description is not enough in hiring, management and development of employees?

5. How to create an effective competency model, specifically for our organization?

6. How to determine what are the competencies that are critical, and to convey the language of employees, explaining specific behaviors.

Lecturer: Jasmina Marinova has significant experience in business management, as consistently held various management positions. From a team leader in large organizations it on the road to business trainings and counseling.
During his participation in the project of USIndustrial Association on the creation of an Information System for Assessment of Competencies Jasmina Marinova, thorough work on the process of creation, adaptation and implementation of competence models in different sectors in the economy.
8 years Jasmina Marinova actively conducts seminars for teams aimed at effective management. It is one of the first certified facilitators Franklin Covey programs for United States.