Online Education German – in the United States

Level A1 -Price: 150 USD

A2 level -Price: 225 USD

B1 level -Price: 260 USD

B2 level -Price: 320 USD

Conversational -Price: 220 USD

Course conversational German

The course aims to develop the participants’ skills in oral communication in German – dealing with various everyday communication situations, freely speaking on various topics, overcoming anxiety and similar restraint in conversation, understanding the caller and dr.Tazi objective will be achieved through exercise, representing RPGs (playing real situations), thematic group discussions and drugi.Otdelya and time to absorb and negotiating the necessary gramatika.Kursat in conversational German does not make use of a specific uchebnik.Uchebnite materials are selected by faculty members as specific needs and interests of the group.

Main goals:

-After completion participants can freely speak and understand everyday issues in different social situations

– To overcome the uncertainty and constriction in keeping the conversation (acquisition of confidence)

– To participate in group discussions

The course is in razgovorenNemski:

– M / t 6 and 10 people in the group in order to achieve maximum results and the possibility of separating the individual vnemanie by teacher participants.

– Entirely practical


– Modern and very interesting holding