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Database Development Course
Course Database aims to familiarize you with the basic technologies and practices used for creating and managing databases. You will learn to work with relational (SQL and MySQL) and non-relational (Redis and MongoDB) bases – basic concepts, applications, optimization transactions. You will learn how you can access data from your C # application with ADO.NET and Entity Framework, as well as how to use the “Code First” model for creating and working with databases. You will also learn ways to transfer data using JSON or XML.

When and how you can save?
The new edition of the course will start on August 19, 2014 The registration is completed.

Online Training
You can register for free online participation in the course and to study remotely. In online training it is necessary to watch video lessons from the course and prepare and transmit homework. Online participants who meet the pre-set performance requirements of the course may sit the exam attendance and successfully complete the course.