Bad habbits in every day communication

Complex ways of talking is communication. It represents a focused exchange of thoughts, information, ideas, emotions, evaluations between people in the process of joint action and not only. When communication is not fully receive conflicts. They in turn deplete the workflow and efficiency of work performance. Communication consists of different components, not knowing their man can fall into the trap of misunderstanding and understanding of the other.
At this training you will learn:
-what it is proper communication;
-components communication;
-traps communication;
-bad examples that affect us in exchanging information;
-Model of communication.
Through various interactive games, participants will acquire new skills in a full communion, and will receive feedback on their behavior. Where are doing well and where they can improve.
All this will be combined with many positive emotions.
This training is suitable for all kinds of teams and professions.
Work in groups 20 people . If the team is large split into smaller groups. Each training will prepare and adapt to this team and to the specificities of the profession of employees to maximum effect to the meeting.
Duration of training – 2h.
Certificates are issued to each participant for the training.
The price for 1 person – 20 usd . For larger teams is possible discount. Prices are inclusive of materials. Transport costs are paid extra.