Burnout Syndrome Training in the US

Recent years in Europe and the US have conducted several studies on the effects on business by employees of cases of burnout syndrome. They prove that large corporations have lost significant revenues for exactly this reason. Burning or professional burnout syndrome is quite common among the most conscientious and good employees. Similar studies have shown that investment in training for itself syndrome, as well as training for relaxation and unloading of work-related stress have increased revenues of companies and cases of employees zsegnati of professional burnout decreased to a minimum. Burnout syndrome is listed in the International Classification of Diseases and Europe employees go into hospital to deal with it. In Bulgaria, the best way to prevent and care for employees is conducting trainings to inform and relaxation.
Unique in this training is to adapt it to the specifics of each team according to the needs of the collective. It combines training aimed at predstabyane part of nature and prevention of burnout syndrome and relaxing part, through various interactive games and art therapeutic techniques.
What you will learn:
– Just TOE stress and distress;
– Strategies to manage stress;
– Relaktsirashti techniques unloading work-related stress;
– Team building and filling many positive emotions, through various interactive games.
This training is suitable for all kinds of teams and professions.
Work in groups of up to 15 people. If the team is large split into smaller groups. Each training will prepare and adapt to this team and to the specificities of the profession of employees to maximum effect to the meeting.
Duration of training – 2h.
Certificates are issued to each participant for the training.