Communication skills training

Communication between people is the exchange of thoughts, feelings, emotions and seemed least information. Professional communication is different. Among colleagues not only exchange professional information and emotions that often lead to conflicts. They in turn hinder the full implementation of the obligations of employees and lead to losses for companies. This training will contribute to proper communication between colleagues, as well as more effective communication between the different erarhiya structures in an organization.
At this training you will learn:
– What is communication;
– What prevents us to communicate seamlessly;
– What is a conflict;
– Types of conflicts;
– Different approaches to conflict resolution;
– Interesting examples of verbal and non-verbal communication and how can we take advantage of that.
The program of training includes many interactive activities that will help you to give feedback to your way of communication, you will learn interesting facts about themselves.
This training is suitable for all kinds of teams and professions.
Work in groups 15 persons. If the team is large split into smaller groups. Each training will prepare and adapt to this team and to the specificities of the profession of employees to maximum effect to the meeting.
Duration of training – 2h.
Certificates are issued to each participant for the training.
The price for 1 person – 20 USD. For larger teams is possible discount. Prices are inclusive of materials. Transport costs are paid extra.