Free courses for programmers in US

Programming Track
The direction of programming is an excellent start for anyone who wants to develop in the field of software engineering. A series of training courses and tutorials on programming and is an excellent start for people who are not software developers or have relatively little experience.

The trainings are extremely useful for software engineers who wish to develop their skills and enhance the efficiency and quality of work, regardless of the programming language they are using.
Lessons programming can be taken online – after registration or attendance – as part of the Software Academy of Telerik.

What you will learn from the courses in programming?
Programming courses at the Academy provide basic knowledge and skills in programming language C #, writing code, code quality and automated testing, object-oriented programming (OOP), data structures and algorithms.

Lessons develop logical thinking and practical skills to solve problems. They serve as a basis for further your development in the field of software development, software engineering and software technologies.