Accounting Education Course

Kreston BulMar is the largest accounting firm in Bulgaria with more than 20 offices in the country, over 200 employees and over 3000 regular customers.

Kreston BulMar e part of Kreston International, one of the largest and most authoritative accounting and auditing companies in the world with offices in 110 countries, employing over 20,000 professionals.

Kreston BulMar is one of the best places to start and as quickly as possible and develop a career as an accountant, auditor or business consultant.

The objective
As a leading accounting firm in Bulgaria, which imposes quality standards in our industry, we have a constant need to create highly qualified accountants and continuously improve their qualifications. So we created BulMar Academy – School for accountants.

Designed For
The training at the Academy BulMar appropriate for motivated young professionals who want a quick and practical to enter the profession, and for economists who want to retrain, to fill gaps, enhance or expand their knowledge in accounting or qualify its return to the profession.

How Continues
The training at the Academy BulMar lasts 4 weeks with a daily commitment 9:00 in the office of the Academy and graduated with a 6 hour exam in theory and practice. The exam is held 10-15 days after the last day of school, time in which each student must expect extremely intense and focused to cope successfully with the tasks of the exam.

What Turns
During the academy learn the following knowledge and skills:
1. Subject, objectives and principles of accounting;
2. Accounting standards – national and international;
3. Primary accounting documents and work with them;
4. Tax laws;
5. Practical accounting of business operations;
6. Accounting records;
7. Preparation of annual financial statements;
8. Establishment of an annual tax return;

For the purposes of BulMar Academy has created a unique educational tool containing over 1000 pages. Practical materials accounting and taxes. For the same purposes has created a special training company by learning, where participants can more quickly understand the material studied and many of the details in accounting.

How to Teach
For each day of the training participants must acquire specific knowledge and skills, according to a specially developed program.

The training at the Academy BulMar runs on the way already working professional accountants cultivate and develop the profession. Daily training includes:
1. Self-study of the prescribed material for the day;
2. Exercises with mentors in the material;
3. Professional discussion on control questions with other students;
4. Evening workshop with experienced professionals to reinforce the knowledge of the day.

Who Teaches
Mentors and lecturers at the Academy BulMar are practicing accountants and auditors from Kreston BulMar, which are among the best in Bulgaria and share their experience more rapid absorption and penetration into the secrets of the accounting profession.

What recommend
We encourage everyone to plan their training in a month in which it will be at 100% to indulge in training. If this can be linked to other training or commitments, the failure of the exam is sure. Our most successful students were truly committed to their studies and material are allocating at least 10-12 hours a day, including weekends, until the day of the exam.

The test lasts 6 hours and includes six sections:
1. Accounting theory and principles;
2. Accounting of business operations;
3. Solving tax cases;
4. Opening of errors in the trial balance;
5. Preparation of financial statements in the trial balance and the general ledger;
6. Transformation of the financial result for tax purposes.

The result
The scale of success is:
1. below 75% – fail;
2. 75% – good (4);
3. 85% – very good (5);
4. 95% – Excellent (6).

Anyone who successfully pass the exam with a score of over 75%, then immediately could exercise the accounting profession above average level for receiving special professional reference from Kreston BulMar that sounds different for different assessments.

Fail if they have 90% attendance (18 of 20 days) and over 50% score can obtain a certificate for training, evaluation and without reference to knowledge.

Students who have passed the exam with 85% and showed excellent business skills and motivation during training will be offered the opportunity for further career development in Kreston BulMar.

When Begins
Training course at the Academy BulMar starts every first Monday of the month and year 12 graduate alumni.